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How do great character animators create lifelike animation? It's not magic. Find out some of the basic principles you'll need to bring your characters to life.
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Eulars & Quats & Gimbal Lock, Oh My!
A simple explanation of what gimbal lock is and why it occurs.
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Puppets for CG Animation
A good setup can make or break your career. Here's a few of the do's and don't of good character setup.
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Time Lapse Modeling
A short time lapse animation (mpeg 2.5mb) demonstrating the procedures and workflow used to model and texture a character's head. View the model sheet here - Mashed P Turtle.
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UV Texture Application
How do you wrap a 2D texture around a 3D surface? Find out how to turn that ordinary character into a masterpiece.
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Guest Artist Ron Lemen                Understanding 3D Form on Paper  or    
Painting With Light and Dark by Ron Lemen. Understanding 3d Form is a basic traditional skill every artist should have. Master Painter Ron Lemen steps through the basics of light and shadow as well as 3D form in drawing.
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Guest Artist Ron Lemen                    Constructing the Human Head on Paper   
Ron Lemen is back for round two. Learn the basic rules of construction and proportion of the human head.
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Constructing the Human Head in 3D - Part 1   
This tutorial builds upon the basics learned in Ron Lemen's Constructing the Human Head on Paper tutorial above. Here you'll learn some basic anatomy and construction principles of the human head in 3D.
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Guest Artist Emile Ghorayeb Progressive Morphing and Expressions in 3DS Max 3 
Emile Ghorayeb (Ubisoft) walks through the basics of Expression Controllers in 3DS Max3 and shows how to setup progressive morphing for facial animation. This tutorial is 3DS Max Specific.
Guest Artist Ron Lemen

Drawing the Human Hand  

Ron gives us a few tips on how to draw the human hand and it's basic anatomy.
8/25/02 Walk Cycles made Easy  
A clear concise simple approach to animating a loopable walk cycle


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